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Packaging keyword:Eyelash brush cardboard tube packaging boxes custom
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Address:Shenzhen China


When you want to customize eyelash brush packaging boxes, would you like to get more orders by comparing the unique packaging design? Whether it is the uniqueness of the packaging and printing content, or creative packaging structure, can bring good publicity. Because the consumer’s visual experience is very sensitive, especially for creative 10% or less, they give more than 80% of their attention. And if 90% of the same product packaging choose square carton packaging, only a small selection of cardboard tube boxes packaging styles, the same can be achieved very good marketing.

This is a cylinder eyelashes boxes we showcase for you, is a category of cosmetic packaging. Using 0.38mm cardboard as the main raw material, the cover paper uses gold cardboard, the theme of the part is to use 105g single black paper cover. As the packaging design and production process of the meticulous requirements, coupled with strict quality control of the production process, customer cannot see any gaps in the cylinder of the packaging cover, it is fully integrated, which is very rare. For the main package design, brand name bronzing and hot silver logo-based. Especially the middle part of the eye, for each lashes are specifically magnified portraits, nuanced expression, with the characteristics of eyelash brushes against the background.

When choosing a custom tube package for a product, the quality of the custom package and delivery time greatly affect the time to market for the product. We have a mature production system, strict control of product quality and delivery time, which we are different from other packaging manufacturers, but also our fundamental survival and development.

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  1. BonnieIdeox

    I like this eyelash packaging, the space occupied by the packaging is small, and the packaging is elegant, beautiful and delicate.

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