Ring, necklace, bracelet, headset… Jewelries accompany us through the history of human-being and these shiny, precious little decoration always drive us crazy, dedicated exclusively for these valuable products, we offer a great range of creative round packaging boxes for jewelry. Considering the value of jewelry, it’s never too much to have them over protected, thus a small piece of jewelry may need a big packaging box, made of very high density materials, such as cardboard, SBS or kraft paper, to be its robust outer shell. Inside, there are always soft stuffing to protect the product from collision or shocks. Beauty is also of great concern of such packaging boxes, thus we use many methods to decorate these packaging. Lovely materials, such as silk ribbon, velour surface, leather paper, are commonly applied on the packaging box to make it obviously high-end when customers see them, also, we use the best creative designs and printing techniques to make them attractive and elegant. Your demand is of our priority, thus we are willing to work together with you to make out the best custom jewelry round packaging boxes.

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