Candles are very popular for our daily life especially when we want to have a dinner with great phenomenon, but these products need dedicated packaging, thus we provide here a great variety of candle for candles series. Packing candles in a column into a tube packaging box with suitable diameter is a great way to ensure a compact transportation and maximize the protection on route or in commercialization. We offer a great variety of custom candle boxes packaging, mostly made with cardboard of high quality, but also kraft paper, plastics and SBS can be used depending on actual needs. We have a great amount of experience with such cylindrical packaging boxes and you can count on us to help you to create your ideal candle tube packaging solution. We offer not expensive candle tube packaging solutions with flexible conditions adapting to your needs, regardless you have a big or small business. Please take a took at the models of candle cylindrical packaging boxes we offer here and pick what interests you and demand to us for customization.

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