Anyone has a voyeuristic desire, especially when shopping, always want to see the product directly. I want to compare the clear packaging, the window packaging design is more sophisticated. Through the window, the customer can only see a part of the product and cannot see all of the product. The window packaging design can satisfy the consumer’s desire to peep into the product; but since the product is not visible, the customer will still maintain curiosity about the product and want to know more about the product and purchase the product. We can put the best part of the product in the clear window, so that consumers can see the best side of the product. Transparent window packaging has become one of the best ways to display products.
The window can be taken into account when designing the paper tube package. Paper tube packaging has become increasingly important, and more products use this type of packaging. Food, cosmetics, essential oils, candles, shirts, etc. are all packed in paper tubes, and any product can be in the form of a cylinder packaging. When designing, the window is designed on the top cover of the package, which is easy to process and low in manufacturing cost. Or design the packaging window in other parts, mainly to reflect the product features. More types of product packaging customization, please feel free to contact us.

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