In January 2020, a severe new coronavirus infection broke out in Wuhan, China, causing many industries in China and China to stall. The powerful measures of the Chinese government have made the spread of the virus mostly in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, with very little impact on other regions. China is actively preventing and controlling the spread of the virus and adopting more stringent measures to ensure that Chinese companies can resume production and living order after February 10, 2020 after the traditional Chinese New Year holidays.

With the end of the Chinese New Year holiday and the recovery of production capacity, some brands and buyers who purchase Chinese products across the border are assessing whether the virus can survive in the products, which is very important for international procurement. In fact, there is no need to worry about buying Chinese goods will cause the virus to spread. The virus’s production and production conditions require the cells of other organisms (animals, plants and microorganisms) as carriers. The first is to provide environmental conditions for habitation, survival and reproduction, the second is to provide nutrients, and the third is to provide some enzymes. Therefore, without the cell, the virus cannot reproduce and die. For the vast majority of commodities (without life and cells), viruses cannot survive and reproduce on cargo, and they do not carry viruses.

Targeted at custom packaging and paper tube packaging, it is even less likely to carry the virus. Paper tube packaging is made from compressed and dehydrated wood. Paper products are free of moisture and living cells, so viruses cannot survive in paper tubes. Secondly, during the printing and UV treatment of paper products, it will be subjected to high temperature treatment, which will kill all cells and viruses, making it completely lose the living conditions. For the produced paper tube, it is usually packed with a plastic film to be isolated from the outside, and the virus is difficult to survive. More importantly, the completion of the production from paper tube packaging requires at least 7-15 days of international transportation, so no virus can be transmitted at all.

And according to the authoritative WHO announcement, according to the current data analysis, the 2019 new coronavirus, that is, “2019-nCov” cannot survive for a long time on objects such as letters, packages and goods. Cargoes leaving China will not carry viruses. Therefore, you can safely order paper tube packing boxes with us. Please feel free to contact us.

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