You might be long troubled by a simple question: what is the perfect packaging solution for your fragile bottles or cups? Here we present a lot of ideal cardboard tube packaging box for bottles and cups, a great solution for your problems. Bottles, cups and tube packaging box are perfect companions, because tube packaging box, with its cylindrical structure, can not only fit the shape of those products, but also provide the best protection by absorbing shocks from all directions. We highly recommend thick tubes made of high density cardboard, sometimes with inner EVA sponge to ensure a complete protection in all aspects. Not only for protection, but also we provide packaging solutions that take great esthetic concerns for promotion. Our professional designer team is always standing by to offer dedicated conception for your own custom package, will all necessary features to give great visibility to your marketing orientation. We also provide plenty of basic models to choose from and develop your own one based on them, don’t hesitate to take a look at all the cardboard tube packaging boxes for bottles and cups we offer here!

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