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Address:Shenzhen China


Wholesale of more than 100 kinds of small round cardboard boxes with lids, widely used in skin care essential oil packaging, lipstick packaging and false eyelashes packaging boxes and other cosmetic packaging, according to different product characteristics, you can choose different materials, which, for custom packaging, is the most basic requirements. In the case of the same packaging design, choose a special and product-compatible packaging materials, can play a icing on the cake.

This eyelash box uses a cylindrical structure design, using 300g cardboard and 90g silver cardboard as the main material. The main advantage of using silver paper as a packaging material is that the entire package looks silver-plated, adding a lot of added value to the product, but with a custom-made cost increase of less than 8%, it is a very good deal. As for packaging design, the bottom is based on product images, but not prominent; but the packaging is very focused on the brand’s publicity, for the roof and theme are printed logo and brand name. This packaging design, more suitable for large brand product packaging, with the help of brand influence, can promote product sales. For different sizes of products, choose different diameter and height of the box.

Choosing us to work with you will save you at least 30% on custom round cardboard boxes packaging costs because we are a product packaging manufacturer and have a price advantage over the packaging wholesaler. In the case of tube boxes, our aging is the highest, because we have a special proofing room and design department.

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7 reviews for Custom round cardboard boxes packaging for eyelashes packaging

  1. Iprdifgc

    I have a small mascara brush and can use this style of packaging! Using silver cardboard with hot stamping is a great help for my packaging design improvement

  2. SvetlanaEmulp

    Although the picture is not very clear, it is a very nice eyelash package. I am planning to start my eyelash product sales, thank you for your advice.

  3. StewartGam

    Exquisite cosmetic tube packaging, packaging design is unique, I like it very much. Excuse me, how can I get it?

  4. EvdokiyaEmulp

    The style of this mascara is my favorite, but the picture is not the best. Can you provide me with a clearer picture? I plan to customize the packaging from you

  5. EvdokiyaEmulp

    The style of this mascara is my favorite, but the picture is not the best. Can you provide me with a clearer picture? I plan to customize the packaging from you

  6. Best Payday Loan

    The stylus is packaged in a silver cardboard tube to reveal more luxury information. I have the demand for beautifully ordered cosmetic tube packaging, can I order 500? Looking forward to your reply

  7. BennySox

    This packaging, let me know that silver cardboard can be used as a paste for cosmetic paper tubes, which is very helpful for my next design packaging, thank you

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