No one knows who firstly came up with this idea to pack T-shirt or clothes into cylindrical packaging box but it is proven a creative idea with lots of advantages. Roll up these clothes into such a tube packaging box can help to avoid fold trace on the cloth, besides, with such a compact packaging clothes can be transported easily and economically, it also favors traveler usage when people needs new clothes well compressed into small packages. Such cylindrical packaging box can also be applied to underwear, trousers and socks, making very convenient merchandises.
Our offers of custom tube packaging box for clothes are variable, in terms of many aspects. Normally we recommend using high density cardboards, with chrome/double chrome paper, kraft paper or tissue/leather simulation paper to form the main structure, plastic is also a choice and many prefer having a clear PVC window to allow to see the product inside. For high-end products, an elegant design with simplicity, using gold/silver hot stamping printing is classical, others also choose CMYK printing, laser printing or UV printing to achieve a great lot of effects. Here, you will find your ideal tube packaging box for clothes with all the best conditions.

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