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In a highly competitive market, if you want to get a better market share, you need a unique product label to distinguish your product from other products in the industry. Customize for the product a unique tube box with lid, and the unique packaging design, is the best way to promote product labels, declaring the brand’s uniqueness. Customized product packaging printed content, texts are not limited to product descriptions, but also for story marketing, you can use product stories to increase brand awareness, and get access to loyal customer.

This is a custom large tube box with lid, as a cardboard mask mud packaging, the structural design and packaging content design are unique. It takes 250g cardboard and 80g of copper as the main raw material, with good edge processing. This is creative among many clay mask designs. Also, it is a wine mask clay, wine and the mask combined with the mask, especially the close-up dumping wine curve lens, and even make people mistakenly think that this is a wine packaging, which gives a subversion of people’s understanding of the skin care products packaging. And in the design, the length of the cylinder covers two thirds of the entire package, the design is slightly larger than the cylinder, covers in the outside, making the packaging to give full play of publicity to the advantages of text description and pattern, the two separated but also combined together, giving an amazing effect. Tube packaging design also joined with the story of marketing ideas, but the text of the product description also did a good balance in the other side, is worth learning for custom cardboard tube boxes packaging design.

We offer you a variety of styles of custom cylindrical packaging, with great flexibility, design style and packaging size is fully customized, and the MOQ is 500, lower than more than 90% of the custom packaging providers.

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