Today, the role of paper tubes is no longer limited to saving files or being used as a mail tube for more purposes. With the development of technology, printed paper tubes have been able to be produced in large quantities and are widely used for product packaging. There are more options for the way the product is packaged, such as underwear and shirt packaging.

The initial shirt was placed in a plastic wrap with a seal, and it was hard for customers to believe that it was valuable. Subsequently, the shirts were packaged in cardboard boxes, printed corrugated boxes, and there were more choices and manifestations in the form of expression and printed content. Nowadays, shirts have a new packaging method, and shirts are packed in printing paper tubes, which has become the choice of more and more brands.

Why pack shirts or underwear in paper tubes? Because shirt tube packaging has many advantages over other packaging methods:

(1) The shirts are packed in square boxes and need to be folded to be fully packaged. Long-term folding will cause the shirt to wrinkle and affect the appearance of the product during the sales process. However, the shirt is wrapped in a paper tube, which is rolled up into a cylindrical shape, and the shirt is not creased, so that the appearance of the shirt can be well maintained.

(2) The paper tube takes up less space than the square shirt packaging boxes. After the shirt is completely rolled into a cylindrical shape, it is completely in contact with the inside of the paper tube after being inserted into the paper tube, and no waste of space is caused. Due to the small footprint of the paper tube, it is very convenient and space-saving to pack the shirt while traveling.

(3) The places where paper tubes can be reused are extensive. After using the shirt, save the paper tube and reuse it. For example, you can use a paper tube as a pen holder to make your pen more neat and orderly on the desktop. Paper shirt tubes can be used to store storage boxes for small parts, such as small gifts, paper clips, etc.

(4) It can be completely biodegraded in the environment. The world is now worried about the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste, and local governments and enterprises are actively reducing the environmental pollution caused by packaging. The paper tube packaging of the shirt is made of paper fiber and can be completely degraded in the environment without any damage to the environment.


Underwear or shirt tube packaging has many advantages and can be used as one of the best choices for product packaging. We can provide customizable printing paper tube packaging according to your needs.

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