The kraft paper tube packaging was originally unprinted and was used as a mail tube. Large diameter brown kraft paper tube for storing and transporting maps or other documents. Kraft paper tube packaging is now available for a wider range of applications and can be used in a variety of product packaging.
Advances in printing technology can print a variety of patterns and information on kraft paper. Four-color printing can enrich the display content of the package. Hot stamping, emboss printing, etc. can be applied to LOGO or other major information, with a strong visual experience and enhance the value of the brand. Kraft paper of different printed contents is attached to the paper tube, and finally different product packages can be formed.
Small-diameter kraft paper tube packaging can be used as a product for lipsticks, essential oils, mascara and more. Large-diameter kraft cylinders package printing different contents and become attractive candles, shirts, cosmetics and food packaging. Make the most of your imagination and use the printed creative kraft paper packaging to attract more consumers’ attention.

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