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Custom paper tube box packaging is very necessary for the sale of cosmetics, skin care products, because it appears that the higher the packaging grade is, the better it can have a very good upgrade to the added value of the product. And whether it is 10ml small round boxes, or 100ml large cylindrical box, they prefer cardboard and copper as the main raw material. The difference of printing content makes the market orientation and brand value of the products displayed through the packaging different, and the exquisite packaging design achieves good publicity effect and even the media publicity effect is better. We can provide you with a variety of custom tube boxes wholesale packaging, and less than the market wholesale price of 10% -30%.

This large cylinder cardboard box packaging, with attractive packaging design, and is different from the ordinary custom cosmetics packaging. For most custom packaging, brand logo and font printing will be made with gilding process, but this package uses gilt printing for some parts, black UV printing for fonts. A large area of ​​the bamboo leaf pattern using gilding process, the entire package looks magnificent. Although the overall background color is mainly grass green, but there are few locations, such as irregular white brush across the block, to increase the natural rough beauty. At the bottom of the packaging, there is bar code printing, which can accommodate more information, is one of the printing module worth considering  for a custom packaging. The complexity of the overall package graphic design has very strict requirements for the processing of the edge, but we will do every perfect ex-factory packaging.

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