What to make with wrapping paper tubes?Paper tubes is the simplest form of packaging I have ever seen, but its use is amazing and often has unexpected uses. The paper tube can be used not only for product packaging, but also for various life scenarios, reusing paper tubes, avoiding waste of resources, and reducing environmental damage.

1, store pens and other slender items

When a pen or other slender item is scattered on the table, it usually causes us a lot of trouble. The arrangement of messy items usually makes us feel bad, and we usually want to use a variety of containers to place the pens in order. Buy a pen holder? This will increase the cost. We can find a food tube package, put it on the table, put a pen or other slender into the paper tube, it will be the best choice. The reuse of packaging will make us more fulfilled.

2, large diameter paper tubes can be used as flower pots

The large-diameter paper tube passes through the shoe box, and the diameter of the paper tube is 35 cm or more, and the occupied volume is bulky. If you leave the paper tube in the trash after you receive the shoes, this can be a very wasteful act. A large-diameter cardboard tube can be used as a flower pot, and then the home is arranged more warmly. It is worth noting that the paper will biodegrade after it hits the water. Therefore, it is necessary to cover a 1mm thick plastic film on the inner wall of the paper tube and 1-3 holes in the bottom of the paper tube to facilitate watering the plants. Excess water can penetrate.

3, used to store important documents, maps or drawings

Documents are usually presented in paper form and need to be viewed and saved multiple times. Maps or paintings are larger in size and are printed in the form of printed paper. In the process of transporting and using paper, if folded, especially if it is folded many times, it will affect the use and aesthetics of the paper, which will have an adverse effect on important documents and high-value paintings. Keeping documents or drawings in paper tubes can effectively prevent dust pollution and paper damage.


4, paper tube can be used to make children’s toys

In addition to reusing product tube packaging, we can also manually manufacture paper tubes. It is very fun to make paper tubes with our children and evenly apply different colors on the paper tubes. Paper tubes can be made into toy airplanes, toy butterflies and toy bees.


5, the paper tube can keep the pants, shirt or underwear without folding

When we fold a shirt or underwear into a locker or suitcase, the clothes usually fold. Folded clothes can affect the appearance. However, after the clothes are rolled up, they are placed in a paper tube, and the clothes will not have any creases. It is a good way to save and transport clothes.


The manufacturing methods of paper tubes are various, mainly based on the production of paper tubes by enterprises. Paper tubes of different diameters can be used for different purposes. Reusing paper tubes in your life can avoid waste of resources and increase the fun of life. For more questions or suggestions about paper tubes, please feel free to contact us.

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