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The old perfume boxes packaging volume is often relatively large, resulting in a large space for empty packaging. The large volume of the cardboard perfume boxes packaging or the gift box set gives the consumer a feeling of great product capacity. However, this form of packaging not only causes an increase in manufacturing costs, but also wastes more resources. Consumers are more inclined to pack small cardboard boxes because they are small enough to carry products and more in line with the concept of environmentally friendly packaging. Compared with the square cardboard box packaging form, more cosmetic brands or perfume brands choose the form of cardboard tubes packaging.

The perfume is placed in a cylindrical glass bottle, and the Blcak cardboard tube packaging form can be considered in the design of the perfume package. In order to prevent the glass bottle from damaging inside the round boxes and damaging the perfume, it is recommended to use an EVA ring or sponge inside. Printing “Perfume bar” directly on the surface of the cylinder package in the form of hot stamping gold can clearly tell the consumer the product inside the package. The logo and brand name “Deluce” are all in the form of hot stamping, which enhances the luxury of the perfume brand. More types of paper tube packaging can be found on our website ( or by sending an email directly to and telling us directly what you need.

Blcak cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes

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