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We are a professional tube box packaging manufacturer with a large factory and a whole team of expert that provide you with the best tube packaging. The corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard tube box packaging we offer is very versatile and is used as product packaging by a wide range of industries and many brands of cosmetics, food, clothing, electronics and essential oils to create ever more added value.

Customized cylindrical box packaging showing the brand logo and name is very important for selling products and is an extension of the product and its brand labels. Different styles of custom packaging, showing details of the product, and based on the product and needs for users, plays an important role for marketing. Unique packaging structure design can improve the experience of consumers when they open the packaging; creative packaging design can give consumers a strong impression, making a spontaneous promotion for your brand, offering a great advertising effectiveness. We improve all your custom tube box packaging, keep the pursuit of the highest quality, just to make packaging more substantial and increase your brand’s added value.

Our custom round boxes packaging can use different printing processes like bronzing, hot silver, UV, convex, embossed and U powder, etc., to ensure the uniqueness and diversity of packaging. As a professional packaging manufacturer, we have hundreds of packaging materials available, including ordinary copper paper, cardboard, kraft paper, laser paper, gold cardboard, grainy paper and leather paper and other special papers. A variety of printing process and raw material sample catalogue can provide the best reference for your custom tube boxes packaging to ensure that your customized packaging is of great value.

Professional custom tube boxes packaging knowledge allows us to provide you with the best professional services, all services are free. We will be online 24 hours a day to solve any problem about the packaging, providing free professional packaging design to improve service, and efficiently proofing the sample within 2 hours. If you are unfamiliar with freight forwarding, or need stickers and ribbons, etc. as an additional service gift box packaging, we also can help you purchase them with zero fee of service, to provide you with a good one-stop purchasing experience.

Here, you get more than high-quality tube packaging, more quality service, a better product experience with improved packaging, and much higher added value.