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FAQ on custom tube boxes packaging

1 What size and what style of packaging do you offer?

Our ready-to-use cylindrical packaging is available for immediate delivery and fast sales. However, we do not recommend that you use universal packaging, which will reduce the spread of the packaging and brand’s recognition. We recommend that you use custom packaging, with perfect packaging design, and choose the right size according to the product, as to maximize the functioning of the package.

2 How long to get the product packaging samples?

We have efficient packaging design department and advanced proofing equipment. When we receive your request for custom tube packaging, we will confirm the details with you. After we receive your confirmation, we will produce the samples within 2 business hours and send you relevant videos and pictures. We will also send you sample of packaging via mail, you will receive it within 3-5 working days.

3 What’s your packaging supply range?

We are packaging manufacturers from China, but we provide to the globe, that is to say, we can provide customized product packaging anywhere. For the freight time and cost considerations, we recommend that you rationalize the planning of the order time, arrange the shipping, these will significantly reduce transportation costs. At the same time we can contact you for details like freight, arrange delivery, and provide one-stop custom packaging supply solution.

4 How long can I get my customized product packaging

Delivery time is determined by mutual consultation, and is arranged according to the actual order time. For custom packaging, the fastest delivery time is within 7 working days from order. If the order is huge, it normally takes 7-14 business days, and up to 21 business days. Our advanced production system ensures that each batch of product packaging is delivered on time.

5 How can I get more benefits?

We offer the wholesale prices 30% cheaper than market prices, but the more custom roud boxes are ordered, the more benefits you get. Our MOQ is 200, but it is not advisable to do so, we suggest you to choose a MOQ of 1000. Because the smaller the order is, the higher the unit price cost will be, it is very uneconomical. On the other hand, if you order over 5000 product tube boxes packages, the discounts you get will be very large.