Large diameter cardboard tube is often used to protect large items and avoid damage during mailing. Valuable calligraphy and painting, folding fragile maps and documents, and other products that cannot be folded, are usually loaded into paper tubes to store and transport the product. High-volume customization does not have a printed cardboard tube, which reduces the unit price of custom packaging with economies of scale. However, if you are targeting a specific product promotion, why not consider using printed large cardboard round boxes? The printed content of the packaging surface can help the product to create a unique image and tell the consumer what is unique about the product and brand.
Now, you don’t have to worry about the size of the paper tube and the product’s non-compliance. We have two high-speed spiral Rolling machine that can produce paper tubes of any diameter, up to 15 inches (381mm) in diameter. Cover the surface with copper paper with printed content, which can be used as a unique gift wrap for the company or Product packaging. We can improve the high quality large cardboard round boxes for you, just like high quality small paper tube packaging. Large diameter cardboard tubes can be selected for shirt packaging, food packaging, and shoe packaging.

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