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Cosmetics essential oil is usually in the form of tube boxes packaging, which is more popular than the square card tray in terms of packaging experience. Because most of the essential oils are bottled, cylinder packaging and essential oil bottles are more consistent. Although used cardboard and kraft paper are used as the main raw materials, they all meet the requirements of environmental protection. Ink printing technology also adopts environmental protection technology, which is in accordance with the packaging of pure plant essential oils. In color, try to choose the pure plant color, mainly green and light yellow, to create a natural plant oil feeling.

Custom tube boxes packaging for pure plant oils, the biggest advantage is that you can choose what you want to express, have a great deal of autonomy for product and brand promotion, to control more. If you spend more time and energy on product packaging design, the content embodied in it is creative or amazing, it will be able to leave a deep impression on consumers and achieve the purpose of quickly promoting brand building. The publicity slogan, brand name, and the logos used of hot silver printing technology  will increase the overall sense of high-end packaging, which will play an important role in promoting the establishment of high-end cosmetics essential oils. The design of the edge of the packaging lid and the configuration of the silk pull handle will contribute to the overall improvement of the packaging experience.

We are able to provide you with a wide range of essential oil packaging boxes, and you can customize the style and size of tube boxes to meet your needs for selling products and building brands.

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