Dried fruit packaging usually chooses a soft plastic bag or an upright kraft paper bag (requires water resistance and sealing). Soft packaging can protect food from external factors, effectively avoiding damage caused by humidity, moisture, sunlight and heat, and prolonging the shelf life of food. It is a good choice. Soft packaging still has some drawbacks, such as being scratched, fragile, not strong enough and durable, and easily damaging fragile dried fruit. There is now a better choice, paper tube packaging for dried fruit.

Paper tubes are used in dried fruit boxes and have many advantages. Paper tubes are easier to print. In addition to CMYK printing, emboss printing, hot stamping, UV printing, etc. are applied to the paper tube, making the printing process more choices. The paper tube is sturdy and can be selected from thick cardboard tubes with a thickness of 1.2mm-2mm. In order to improve the display of the package, a transparent window can be designed on the top cover of the package or the body part of the round boxes. For more details, or if you need more paper tube packaging for food, feel free to contact us.

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