What to do with wrapping paper tubes? Will it be thrown into the trash or reused? There are many ways to handle the paper tube, which can increase the fun of life and reduce the pollution caused to the environment.

Paper tubes can be used to draw circles. For small-diameter paper tube packaging, there is a curling, which will result in a ring with a protruding portion. Various paper tubes can be printed in various colors, and after being stained with color, they can be printed on white paper to form a uniform color circle of various specifications. Colored circles with regular or irregular settings will form an artistic picture.

Compact, small-diameter paper tube that can be used as an excellent bubble tube. For children, blowing bubbles is a very fun thing. Most of the time, we need to find clean and tidy plastic tubes for blowing bubbles. Now, a better option is to use a sturdy small paper tube.

The paper tube can be reprinted or painted to form a cute cartoon character. Use the printed leaves of different colors as the tail of the peacock. On the front side of the paper tube, paste the “eyes” and “mouth” to form a cute peacock toy. In this process of making toys, family members can enjoy more happiness together.

For large diameter paper tubes, they can be used as storage boxes. For example, it can be used to store pencils, keys, small remote controls and knitting needles. Centralizing items in one place will reduce the time it takes to find items and reduce the probability of item loss. When the paper tube stores the item, you need to cover it.


Paper tubes are handled in a variety of ways, are fun, and can reduce damage to the environment. If you have more ways to handle paper tubes, please feel free to contact us and we like your sharing.

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