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The perfume gift boxes play a very big role in sales, and people often associate the grade of the gift with the style of the package. As a perfume brand, how do you choose a perfume packaging style and a custom packaging manufacturer? Common perfume boxes packaging has a rectangular and paper tube structure. Although the structure of the package is different, in printing, bronzing is usually used to enhance the luxury of packaging and products. As people’s environmental awareness increases, large rectangular cardboard perfume box packaging can no longer meet the demand. Because of the large rectangular packaging, more materials are used, which will result in waste of resources and increase in product cost. Secondly, the packaging volume is very large, causing consumers to carry perfume is a troublesome thing. Paper tube perfume packaging can solve the above troubles.

Black paper tube packaging perfume gift boxes, the diameter and height of the paper tube is only a little larger than the perfume, and will not cause too much space waste. The main material is 350g black cardboard, and the inner wall of the top cover is white tin foil, which avoids the monotony of color. In order to increase the stability of the perfume glass bottle in the package, the black EVA ring is used inside the package to fix the perfume, so as to avoid damage during the transportation and sale of the perfume. For more paper tube packaging types, you can visit our website, or contact us directly to tell us your needs, we will provide you with quality round boxes packaging.

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