Packaging keyword:Creative cardboard tube boxes packaging for shimmer balm
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Shimmer balm is something that you want to apply at once when you need it, and a flat creative cardboard tube box packaging which lets you take it immediately with bare hand is of course a good option. This tube box is made of 350g SBS and 200g double chrome paper, robust and fine, also very beautiful. You can demand to create patterns on the surface, with CMYK (four color) printing or even better printing technics. What’s more, on the sample, we also applied 3D printing to make it look vivid and get a smooth feeling of the surface. The design is simple, but with good material and technic, it can be so charming. Also, you can put essential information on the bottom, where there is enough space to contain lots of info.

If you are interested in taking this packaging box for your own shimmer balm or hand cream or something, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, tell us in detail your needs and let us, fabricator dedicated to tube boxes for years, bring out your best creative flat cardboard tube paper cosmetic box.

Creative cardboard tube boxes packaging for shimmer balm

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