The smell of perfume is the key to the attention of potential consumers or customers, but the importance of packaging should not be ignored. Since the perfume is packaged, many consumers find it difficult to judge by the fragrance when purchase. The first thing customers come into contact with is the perfume packaging boxes, which will judge the authenticity of the brand and the value of the perfume product through exquisite packaging. Custom packaging boxes for perfume should be part of the product plan.
Our most common perfume boxes are rectangular, but paper tube perfume box packaging can not be ignored. Bronzing, UV, emboss, CMYK printing and other processes are available to showcase the packaging to consumers in creative form. The choice of packaging materials is rich, you can choose black cardboard, touch paper, kraft paper, or other. The unique design of the perfume packaging will increase the competitiveness of the product. We can offer you a variety of customizable paper tube perfume packages, or offer rectangular packaging or drawer boxes for perfumes. Please feel free to contact us and we will be the best partner.

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