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Everyday we see perfume packaging is ordinary, usually rectangular, using four-color printing, consumers identify the perfume brand by logo or brand name. But are these types of perfume packaging attractive? More than 90% of the perfume boxes are packed in rectangular packaging, and the interior is filled with EVA to keep the perfume glass bottle from shaking, thus playing a protective role. But can most of the perfume box packaging get the attention of consumers? the answer is negative.

Perfume brander is Less than 10% choose paper tubes packaging, and only a few perfume brands will choose. Consumers are more willing to focus on paper tube perfume packaging when shopping at the mall. The use of gold cardboard paper and silver cardboard paper makes the packaging look luxurious. UV printing and embossing increase the touch on the surface of the package and the visual experience is improved. The interior uses an EVA ring to prevent the sway of the perfume glass bottle and protect the high-value perfume. More styles of perfume box packaging design, you can contact us, we will provide you with different sizes of custom perfume paper tube packaging.

Luxury Perfume Boxes paper tube packaging with logo

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