Packaging keyword:Large skin care mask tube packaging
FOB price:0.1$-0.9$
Min.order quality:  500 Piece/pieces
Address:Shenzhen China


For the sale of products, custom cardboard tube packaging boxes are very important, it is the label of product, to reflect the brand’s uniqueness. The choice of supplier for custom packaging is crucial, and the basic requirement for them is to be able to provide good product quality, deliver on time and with the lowest price at the same quality. We can not only meet all your needs, but also provide packaging design improvement service that cannot be provided by 90% of packaging wholesale, and these additional services are free, you can make your product packaging more perfect without any cost.

The application range of large cardboard cylindrical box packaging is very wide and common in large skin care mask packaging. Because this is a Chinese mask packaging, so it uses yellow as the packaging background, the pattern is based on the ancient Chinese image. Packaging promotional words “cell genie” are very effective, because the essence of facial mask is to improve the activity of facial cells to make the face charming. The design of this package is mainly based on specific country and region and takes market target population as a reference factor, which is the basic elements of the successful marketing of product packaging. Everything we offer is for custom packaging or the existing product packaging serves as a reference for new packaging.

Tube-boxes provide you customized product packaging is not limited to China and other countries, but to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and all other regions and countries. We are able to provide you round packages in cardboard boxes, kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, etc., and are familiar with all the international freight forwarder processes to solve any problems with custom packaging.

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  1. Sharonda Kaitlin

    Is the size of this package suitable for 500ml skin care oils? Looking forward to your reply

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