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This perfume tube boxes packaging solution is totally customizable all as you need, because with a professional manufacturer like us, nothing is impossible. The main material of the tube structure is cardboard of 300g, which is very robust and firm, also it can hold a good shape of the structure as well as provide a good protection to the fragile perfume inside. The inner part of the package is covered by tin foil, as this material can provide a good looking and hold perfume from leaking. Otherwise, the overall structure can have a good thermal effect that gives more than the protection itself. The printing layer outside is made of chrome paper, with good application of CMYK coloring printing as to offer a very smooth and colorful picture that can attract client’s attention at once. Overall, as perfume is a kind of high-end product, such perfume tube box packaging should be of high quality the merits the product inside.

There are plenty of customization options in terms of design, structure, material and even the style of the package. You are welcome to contact packaging expert with factory price like us, to provide you your very wanted perfume tube box packaging solution.

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