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If you are looking for a manufacturer that specializes in custom paper tube boxes packaging, we are your best choice. Our tube boxes can be used for retail or wholesale, or as an exclusive custom product package, to help companies to better promote their products. We provide a wide range of custom tube packaging boxes that can be used for skin care essential oil, rose oil, electronic cigarette oil, as well as a very rare Hair care essential oil packaging that we have produced for customers. We have a wealth of experience in the production of cylindrical boxes of different sizes, and the tube boxes we offer are in high quality.

This is a 10 ml Custom hair care essential oil packaging, which, although a small cardboard box, is the most outstanding among many hair conditioning oil packaging because of its unique design. The biggest feature is that this tube box packaging uses silver cardboard as the raw material, so the entire package gives a feeling of silver-plated in high grade. Packaging design is outstanding for the brand logo and name, using curved hair as a close-up element, next to the “plant” and “new source”, respectively as a reflection of the characteristics of pure essential oil and brand name. The packaging fonts printing, using a monochrome printing, UV ink printing technology, are all dark black fonts, with the characteristics of hair care on the background. Small round cardboard boxes, because of the small packaging space, there is no redundant location for instructions, so the product description is printed directly on the surface, allowing consumers to intuitively understand the characteristics of the product, this is very crucial.

We can provide you with more styles of paper tube boxes, the size is also based on the actual product to choose from, you can completely customize the tube diameter and height packaging.

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Hair care essential oil packaging wholesale sliver paper tube boxes for hair care essential oil Paper Tube boxes packaging wholesale Paper Tube packaging for essential oil


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