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When customizing small round cardboard boxes for small products, the demand of quality of the product packaging is stricter. All the custom packaging we provide will not get errors appeared in print position or color, and the materials provided to you are the best, to ensure that regardless of what you need is, cosmetics, gifts, food packaging, what we provide are the best product boxes package. Package design for the main product packaging and product descriptions, is breaking the awareness of the past. Printing product instructions at the bottom of the tube package does not affect the perfect display of the main pattern and has drawn even greater attention from the packaging designer as well as being accepted as a simple design style by the consumers.

The Baby skin care oil packaging showed here is just one of our many customized skin care packaging, with orange background color and great appeal. Different with most of the brand that the name is designed on the cylinder side, the cylinder side of this product packaging is mainly showing baby care essential oils product features, which are “skin care, penetration, repair” and so the specific capacity and essential oils are different with other, because this is a horse oil skin care cream. Brand name is reflected in the top of the packaging lid. Cardboard tube cover and other differences between the edge of the top of the raised 3mm jams edges, making the sense of hierarchy stronger.

Encountered in the custom packaging packaging design to improve and quickly out of samples and other issues, we are free to provide you. We have a professional design team, service team and production team, according to the specific circumstances of the product made a variety of custom tube packaging solutions.

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