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Tube box packaging is very highly customizable, according to the choice of product packaging, the variation of size can be lower than 1 mm, and it is often said that the custom box size refers to the internal dimensions. Cylinder boxes packaging materials can also be selected according to product weight and size, you can choose from cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper and so on. As a custom packaging supplier, we offer a wide variety of round box packaging styles, especially in the essential oil packaging box.

This massage care essential oil packaging box presented to you is just one of our many tube packaging. In order to highlight the characteristics of olive oil products, the dark green is taken as a background color, similar to the color of olive, focuses on the concept of pure plant essential oils. The printing of the paper is on a 60-80g single paper, made by four-color printing process. Due to the lighter weight of the essential oil product, 300g-450g cardboard can be used as the main material. Product packaging design process, can not only reflect the brand “fragrance family oil”, but also be able to highlight the use of the product. The interior product packaging uses a high-density EVA as the main material, using the same size as the oil bottle and formed into the same ring structure, embedded in the cardboard cover, fixes and protects essential oil when selling it.

Custom tube box product packaging surface must have basic information; if not, the consumer is unable to know what the product is inside the package, for the purpose and characteristics of the product cannot be accurately known, in particular, no brand is reflected in the product packaging, this will dramatically reduce the odds of consumers making purchase decisions. We can provide you with custom packaging can help you solve all product packaging problems, and packaging solutions for specific products.

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