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Mask mud is one of the most important series of skin care products, and needs to have customized skin care packaging, as to be able to better conduct the business. And custom packaging, with the brand logo and the name of the product, just like a person’s name, is the basic distinction that is conducive to brand promotion and create brand value. We can provide you more than 80 kinds of packaging structure styles of skin care products packaging, mainly cardboard tube boxes, with the best effect.

This 50 ml skin care oil packaging boxes packaging, based on cardboard as the main raw material, and single black paper as the surface paper, is a relatively rare style for skin care packaging. All the printed parts, including fonts and brand logo, all use bronzing process, the logo will be reflected in the top of the cardboard lid. UV ink process makes the whole package look more shiny, and bronzing part also make very good contrast. Unlike other round boxes, the cap has a white, circular ring-shaped interior EVA layer, 1cm from the edge of the cap, the EVA with thickness of 2cm, which, along with EVA at the bottom, secure the skincare oil and provide a great protection. By contrast we can also find that the edges of the lid should be flat and smooth, otherwise the lid will not cover tightly and will show a white gap, which is absolutely not allowed.

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