Packaging keyword:Custom Wine round cardboard boxes with lids
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The performance pattern of Wine round cardboard boxes is various, but ordinary food packaging has been difficult to attract consumers’ attention. Only creative product packaging can stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve the purpose of promoting brand publicity. The creative red wine tube boxes packaging can be used to capture the original ecology of red wine or the characteristics of collection red wine, or to focus on a certain aspect of publicity, to obtain targeted customer groups. Another way is to use special paper to create a feeling of high-end wine gift boxes, such as the use of different types of wood-grain paper, and the red wine packaging camps will be made into imitation wood tube boxes, which will increase the added value of the products.

Although many liquor agents or brand owners use the same cylindrical red wine packaging to put red wine of the same specification but different categories, in order to achieve cost savings. This approach is undesirable, although it saves some of the custom packaging costs, it is very unfavorable for promote different products and brands, thereby making it lose more value. In the position of the bottom cardboard boxes on the bottom of the round cardboard boxes, the brand logos, and the basic information of the brand owners, did not affect the overall aesthetics of the packaging while promoting brand promotion.

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