Packaging keyword: Large cardboard wine tube boxes custom
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Min.order quality:  1000 Piece/pieces
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If you are looking for the right tube boxes for your product packaging to improve business conditions, fonmoo packaging is the best choice. We can give you hundreds of round boxes with lids wholesale, and custom packaging is from the product features, brand positioning, the purpose is to enhance the product added value through packaging, thereby enhancing the overall sales. At the same time, we offer customized cylindrical packaging covering all series of food packaging, including cardboard wine boxes, candy boxes and chocolate boxes.

This is a very original food gift package among the wine tube box package that we offer. There are two different size models, 500ml and 300ml respectively, which can better meet the market demand. Packaging design, highlighting blue as the background, the front of the dark blue grid revealed a high-grade business atmosphere. The main pattern of the package is the “W” logo and the circle around it “W” and the text. The bottom of the design of the red wine cup uses bronzing technology, it belongs to wine packaging. At the beginning of the package design, the top of the package was not printed the same way as the main pattern, but a plain blue background; later the main pattern was added to the tube package lid and found to be better, so the latter design was adopted. In order to avoid the wine bottle shaking in the wine bottle package, the inner and the bottom of the cardboard box package design, the design of different size arc EVA as the inner package, not only has a protective effect, but also has marketing value.

We provide custom cardboard tube boxes packaging that are completely customized by you, or select the existing packaging styles as your product packaging. Our minimum order quantity is 500 packs, but for every extra quantity, we get a bigger discount and get a free package design service.

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