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If you want to customize some of the common styles of cardboard cylinder boxes for bulk wine sales, or for small quantities, just give the wine you want to buy, you will need a nice gift box. We can offer you the existing generic wine tube package box, or we can provide a set of customized products, to develop the brand image. In the custom wine packaging, the two main approaches are the promotion of the wine brand or highlighting the product, the packaging designs are not the same.

This white cardboard wine tube box packaging design is for a leading wine product itself, for brand advertising, it is not very big significance. Most wine box packaging needs to be more upscale, in order to compensate the value of the wine, so that the packaging process are bronzing based. ‘500ml’ wine capacity, the degree ‘70% vol’ and ‘pure wine’ and other fonts are made with tanning process, in the background the white makes it more upscale. The main material for custom round boxes is cardboard, glued to the surface of the entire package with plain white paper as face paper. But in the packaging of the first position, there still retains the cardboard gray. Later that is not good for the overall appearance of the United States, it is recommended that customers use facial tissue coverage, have achieved better results. Low position inside the package, the use of EVA makes the wine bottle base, a fixed bottle played a very good protective effect, while increasing the value package.

We are also able to provide you with double-wrapped wine packaging, cardboard packaging, etc., as well as all free proofing samples.

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  1. Elodia Charity

    I really like this simple food packaging design, but the hot stamping logo makes the brand more conspicuous. thanks for sharing

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