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Nowadays more and more merchants choose cardboard tube packaging box for packing their underwear products, as there are so many advantages in terms of economy, efficiency and convenience. Here we present a good choice for you, this underwear cylindrical cardboard packaging box, made by 450g grey cardboard (which is a very robust material) and 60g double chrome paper, smooth on both inside and outside, is specifically designed for packing men’s underwear. The overall design is simple: with the good material, what you need to do is just to put a pattern indicating the product inside on the surface. For this sample, it is printed with CMYK printing with UV printing covering the logo area, as to bring a good looking which can persuade customers of the product’s quality.
Professional manufacturer for tube packaging box as we are, whatever customization you need, we will bring you the solution with good price and conditions. Just get in touch with us and tell us the details of your demand, then we will work out your ideal paper tube packaging box for underwear.

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