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Packaging keyword:Large black cardboard tube packaging for tea oil
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Min.order quality:  1000 Piece/pieces
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Fonmoo packaging can provide you with hundreds of cardboard tube packaging for food, tube boxes. The packaging’s diameter and height are completely customizable. Packaging design files are either given by your side or we can help you improve your packaging design. Among many large tube cardboard packaging, cardboard tea oil packaging is almost a perfect presentation, subverting the past for food oil packaging awareness, and with product packaging, it makes the brand awareness.

If this black cardboard tea oil packaging, for saving manufacturing costs, did not use gilding process, but used ordinary printing process, the effect achieved certainly would not be so good. In the product logo part, the name of tea oil, slogan and address, etc. all are of bronzing printing, cardboard or even the interface of cardboard packaging lid are made with bronzing process, seeing from far, the packaging is very attractive. Because human vision is more sensitive to gold, that will attract more attention. We use 400g cardboard as the main material for the black tube box package, roll into a large cylinder and then cut to the height of the package design. In order to make the packaging paper with a higher degree of fitness, cannot see the signs of the stickers, and the packaging uses 60-80g single black paper as the best choice for the paper.

We provide you with the paperboard tube packaging for food, the packaging style is not just tea oil packaging, the scope of the application is very wide. If you want to customize the packaging to be applied to any of the essential oils, tea, chocolate, skin care products, candy and so on, you can contact us, we can provide you the best round boxes packaging.

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6 reviews for Large cardboard tube packaging for tea oil

  1. StevenNeeda

    The internal part uses bronzing printing, which can increase the grade of packaging. In the past, my essential oil products were all packaged in small cylinders. Thank you for letting me know that you can colorize larger sizes and you can also harvest the perfect packaging.

  2. EugeneUttep

    What is the minimum number of custom packaging? I am customizing 500 food tube packaging for the first time, can I?

  3. Hormogoneae

    The paper tube sample has been received. This is a very good paper tube package with no wrinkles on the edges. Thank you very much, it will be of great help to my product promotion.

  4. Shawnsycle

    Rarely seen large food paper tube packaging, workmanship is very fine. I plan to change my food to something like this. Can you give me professional advice? thank you very much

  5. Mirkapync

    Large food box packaging is rare, especially for large vegetable oil packaging. This style will have great reference value for me to develop new food packaging, thank you

  6. Annasip

    The use of the bronzing process can indeed increase the luxury of packaging. Thank you very much, let me know that such a large food packaging is very helpful for my next product packaging plan.

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