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Min.order quantity:1000 pieces


Ready-made black paper tube packaging has always been very popular, but can it meet all packaging needs? Ready-made paper tubes do not have any logos and prints. The diameter and height of the paper tubes are deterministic and will not change due to the product. Because the ready-made paper tube packaging is mass-produced, the wholesale price of the packaging is 50% of the custom packaging price. However, not all products are suitable for use in off-the-shelf round boxes. If you need to take advantage of the product brand, you must use a custom cylinder package.

Custom black paper tube packaging is sized according to the product, so you don’t have to worry about packaging size. The beautiful matte black lining enhances the visual experience of the package, and the bronzing logo on the surface is a great help to enhance the luxury of the brand. It can be rolled into a paper tube using a gray cardboard of 0.38mm-0.52mm thickness to avoid crushing the contents of the package. More types of cosmetics, gift and food tube packaging can be found on our website or by email to tell us about your custom packaging needs.

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