Apple fruit packaging tubes with windows

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  • Referral FOB price: $0.26-$0.85/pcs according to customization
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
  • Free samples and design service possible
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For Apple’s fruit retail, mesh bags or plastic bags with handles are the most common apple fruit packaging. But for a small number of apples, a few apples or less than one kilogram, If you treat an apple as a gift, that needs printed corrugated paper packaging, gift boxes packaging, etc.If for each sale it contains only several apples,  it would require high level of hardness and very high-end apple fruit packaging,  thus you can try to use printed packaging tube.

Brown kraft paper tubes are used to package apples, which is very rare because the cost of packaging will be higher than ordinary forms. Due to the high hardness of the cardboard tube packaging, there is no need to worry about damage to the apple during transportation and sales. The visibility of the packaging is very helpful for the display of the product. Therefore, a clear window (using clear PVC as the material) is set on the body part of the paper tube package, so that customers can directly see the apple style inside, which improves the display value of the package. Printing brand information, product information and apple patterns on the paper tube is more conducive to brand building.

custom apple fruit packaging tubes with windows.Custom kraft paper tube packaging can print content, which is one of the best ways to reflect product differentiation. apple fruit packaging tubes with windows.Through the clear window on the body of the paper tube, you can clearly see the apple characteristics inside the package, which is attractive to customers. apple fruit tube packaging wholesale.Printing relevant brand names, promotional slogans, and apple patterns on kraft paper tube packaging is the best way to build brand and promote products. apple fruit tube packaging with windows.The diameter and height of the customized paper tube packaging are determined according to the product, to ensure that the packaging is 100% compatible with the product. apple fruit tube packaging boxes with windows.Although it is difficult to set a clear window on the body part of the kraft paper tube, we have a wealth of experience and can help you achieve perfect product packaging.


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