Whether it is a big lipstick brand or a small lipstick brand, you need to buy empty lipstick tubes into the product plan. For big brands or luxury brands, they like to use plastic lipstick tubes. However, we recommend that you consider using paper tubes for lipstick packaging. Lipstick tubes packaging has many advantages:

  •  printing difficulty is low, a variety of printing processes can be used. Various printing processes can be used on paper, such as bronzing, hot silver, emboss, UV, etc., which can reflect paper lipstick tubes. The cool printing process will add to the appeal of packaging and lipstick. Plastic lipstick tubes are mostly made of emboss, which are less selective. Paper tube lipstick packaging is easy to print any pattern, but plastic tube is more difficult.
  • Low manufacturing costs and flexible orders. The individual manufacturing cost of plastic lipstick tubes is usually above $1, with a minimum order quantity of 5,000 or even 10,000 or more. This is costly for small and medium-sized brands, or for initial trials, and has relatively large uncontrollable risks. However, paper tube lipstick packaging, the minimum order quantity is 500-1000, the risk is small. For high-volume custom empty paper lipstick tubes, the cost of a single package is at least $0.38, or even lower.
  •  can be recycled, in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly packaging. Paper lipstick tube packaging is made of cardboard, which can be recycled, processed, and used for other purposes.
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Where can you buy empty lipstick tubes? It is recommended to purchase directly from the packaging manufacturer. Professional paper tube packaging manufacturers can not only provide cosmetic tube packaging, food tube packaging and essential oil packaging, but also provide empty lipstick tubes packaging. Purchasing products directly from paper tube packaging manufacturers has the following advantages:

  • a quick response. Compared with purely broken traders, manufacturers are quicker in communication timeliness.
  • Quickly obtain custom samples of paper tube packaging from the manufacturer. Before the packaging is officially produced, we need to confirm the details of the packaging. Packaging manufacturers can provide samples within 3 working days at the earliest.
  • low wholesale prices. Contact the manufacturer directly, reducing the intermediate links and minimizing the cost of packaging.

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