To increase sales of a product, cosmetic brands have at their disposal a very effective tactic – to present their products in a good packaging. The packaging is a true ambassador of the product, and will then play a leading role to promote the act of purchase. It also plays an important role for product referencing in store. The numerous technical and aesthetic possibilities offered by a cardboard packaging in all levers at the disposal of cosmetic brands to promote their product to consumers. However, choosing the right packaging can quickly become a real headache, given the multitude of choices.

How to design a package consistent with your product?

Are there standard packaging? What are the best practices to consider for a successful packaging? The cosmetic market is very diverse. In terms of packaging the choice of box is consistent with the positioning of the product. The more expensive the product is, the better the packaging must be as to stay at the same level of its content.

The simple case is needed for cosmetics mass market: For mass market products offered at a public price of less than 20 dollars, a basic and inexpensive case is often used: a single folding case with opposite glossy or matte film-coated legs. The case then fulfills its basic functions: protect the product, ensure its good presentation on the shelf and provide the consumer with all necessary legal information: the composition of the product, the expiry date and the various regulatory pictograms: capacity, etc…. The packaging also serves to convey the marketing messages of the brand on a printable surface of the product.

Choose a more qualitative packaging box for medium-ranged cosmetic products

For mid-range products of which the price is between 20 and 50 dollars, we always use a folding holster but this is a more qualitative one. The cardboard is a little thicker and of superior quality. In this range of products the whiteness of the cardboard on both outside and inside of the box must be irreproachable. The cartons used will usually be pure cellulose. Gold or silver gilding will be affixed above the print to give some more added-values.

High-end cosmetic products are presented in a superb packaging box

For top-of-the-range products with a sale price of 100 dollars or more, you will have to use a superb box that conveys a high-end image with a creative design and a customized marketing message. The material used should be at the top: great density, super refined details and multiple structures fitting the size of the product to give a complete protection. Don’t hesitate to use the best printing materials and technics, like embossing and gold hot stamping but remember: less is more. A good packaging for high-end product is not somewhat an accumulation of luxury features. The design, however, is a determinative factor to show how special the product can be.

Eco-friendly and recyclable cartons for organic and natural cosmetics

Organic and natural cosmetic product is facing a growing consumer demand. They respect precise specifications. The packaging must follow this trend as well. The use of an ecological and recyclable cardboard allows the packaging of the product to be in adequacy with the ethical and ecological values of the cosmetics brands respectful of the men, the nature and the animals. On a pure commercial thinking, choosing eco-friendly packaging materials can also win customers’ positive opinions on the product and boost the sales – in condition that the product’s quality merits their favor.

Anyway, for all kinds of cosmetic products packaging is now an important element to take careful consideration with. Choosing adapted and good packaging is now more and more becoming the key for success for your cosmetic business.

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