Nowadays, the competition in the food industry is becoming more and more fierce, and it has risen from pure product competition to brand competition. Since every same product will have dozens or even hundreds of brands competing, the market competition is unprecedentedly fierce. More and more consumers are aware of the importance of food safety and will choose the famous brand when choosing food. The popularity of food brands can be promoted through television, the Internet, mobile advertising, etc., but the cost is expensive. We can design creative food packaging as a product promotion. Creative food packaging can impress consumers, spread quickly on the Internet, social networks, etc., and be known by more people to increase their visibility.

When I bought cherry in the food store, I was first attracted by this simple white paper tube packaging. There is no other printed content other than the “cherry” product name, logo, and URL. The packaging design is simple, but through the image pattern, let us intuitively know the internal products, and are willing to share with friends through the social platform. Print the web at the bottom of the tube to get more potential sales opportunities.

Have you tried imitation wood food packaging? The food looks like it is packed in trees and is very attractive. Imitation wood paper tube packaging with irregular transparent window allows consumers to visually see the food inside. The packaged laminated paper looks like high-grade, expensive wood grain paper, but it is not. Through four-color printing, 350g single-powder paper is printed into various wood grain styles. The food packaging effect is unique and the manufacturing cost is low, which can be used as the first choice for food packaging customization.

Creative imitation wood grain paper food packaging,The food looks like it is packed in trees and is very attractive.

Beer is our favorite and very common in life. But have you seen beer packaging similar to a wine barrel? Using the original way of loading beer, consumers can miss the original beer container. The visual experience of beer packaging has a great impact and promotes consumers to buy beer.

Creative food tube packaging for beer,seen beer packaging similar to a wine barrel

The growth pattern of tea is reflected in the packaging, and as a main element of tea packaging, it is attractive to consumers. The surface of the packaging film is coated with light glue, which increases the gloss of the tea packaging.

creative food packaging for tea,The growth pattern of tea is reflected in the packaging

Have you seen the best mango milk shake packaging? The mango milk shake package below will impress you. The background color of the paper tube packaging design is coordinated with the color of the mango, and can even be imagined as a mango. Printing high-quality images of mangoes in packaging can greatly motivate consumers to make purchasing decisions.

creative food packaging for Mango milkshake,he mango milk shake package below will impress you.

Creative food packaging always motivates us to have more taste.The appeal of this biscuit package is fatal for children. The packaging design is based on cartoon image and product image. Every child likes biscuits; when they see the cartoon image of biscuit packaging, it will increase the desire to buy the brand’s cookies. Directly presenting the picture of the biscuit in the packaging, visually conveying the deliciousness to the brain, and no consumer can resist the purchase of the biscuit in the package.

creative food packaging for cookie,The packaging design is based on cartoon image and product image

Not only can biscuit packaging be in the form of a creative package, but chocolate packaging is also available. Printing dense chocolate in tube packaging can cause intensive phobia in a certain segment of the consumer. But this kind of packaging design is excellent and can impress consumers. You can leave a place in the main location of the packaging for branding.

My favorite is corn powder packaging. When I saw this package, I thought I saw a fresh corn cob. The corn image is enlarged, printed in a paper tube, and the color of the package is good. In the top cover of the corn powder package, a small transparent window is provided, which is convenient for the consumer to directly see the style of the product and promote the sale of the product.

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    I represent Piemme an Italian liqueur and limoncello producer.

    We are interested in your product and we would like to have some information about it.
    Piemme produces also baba, a topical Italian dessert, with rhum and limoncello syrup. Therefore, we are looking for an innovative packaging solution for our baba and I was considering your product.
    We need a box that can contain a food/alcoholic product of 1 kg.

    Does your box fit with our necessities?

    I am looking foreword for your reply

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