Skin care products are often used for sunscreen or facial skin cleansing, or to hydrate the skin, etc., to maintain the elasticity and whitening of the skin to enhance the beauty and charm of the individual. Common skin care products include classic facial cleanser, eye cream, gelling moisturizer, and new essential oils. Skin care products are often placed directly in glass bottles or plastic bottles, but still need to be customized cardboard packaging for skin care. Printed paper tube packaging as a box, can effectively protect skin care products. More importantly, the use of proprietary packaging design can quickly distinguish skin care products from other branded products and reflect the characteristics of the products.

We offer customizable tube packaging that is completely environmentally friendly, recyclable, or completely degradable in the natural environment. For packaging printing, according to the actual packaging design, one or more of four-color printing, spot color printing, hot stamping printing, and emboss printing are used to create different patterns. Different skin care boxes are available for different product styles and brands. For more types of custom skin care packaging, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with the best service and packaging boxes.

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