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Packaging keyword:Creative Imitation wood cardboard tube packaging box for food
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It is really a good idea to take this creative wood imitation cardboard tube packaging box for your foods such as nuts, as this package is really eye-catching and can stimulate customers’ interests of the stuff inside. The structure of this box is a little complicated, firstly, the main body is made of 350g cardboard, decorated by wooden motif paper and double chrome paper; secondly, the window, made by transparent PVC card, lets people to see directly what is inside; at last, the cap is made by plastic, a robust and convenient choice of material. The overall design makes the box look like a storing tree hole, which is very interesting and attractive. The pattern is printed by 3d printing technology, giving a good esthetic effect. With such a design, especially with the grand transparent window, what you put inside makes itself a unique package.
Professional manufacturer as we are, if you are caught by this wonder packaging box with special design, you can contact with us and tell us what you need. Our whole team is standing by to offer you your very own design of creative cardboard tube packaging box with wood motif for foods.

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8 reviews for Creative Imitation wood cardboard tube packaging box for food

  1. Loan

    For this food packaging, I believe I will not forget, and I have already shared it with my friends, thank you very much.

  2. Alice

    I want to customize this kind of food packaging, but can I use my logo and part of the design? Do you have any good plans to get the best level of my packaging? I look forward to your reply and thank you for sharing.

  3. Sarathi Associate

    This is a very special food packaging, the appearance is very attractive, how can I get it? Also, can this package add my logo? thank you very much

  4. ProgonSluro

    I have a very curious question, is this special food packaging lid a real wooden lid? I want to order related products and hope to get a better solution for you.

  5. Tobey

    This food packaging is very unique, and you let me know how to save the cost of custom packaging, thank you

  6. Cash Loan

    This food packaging is creative and I am happy to share it with my friends. And, I will regularly browse your website and look forward to discovering more practical things.

  7. Personal Loans

    I really want to know the creative food packaging process, thank you very much.

  8. Brandonpeaks

    This case gives me a good example. I can use four-color printing to shape any classic packaging style. Thank you very much.

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