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Min.order quality:  1000 Piece/pieces
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Food grade cardboard tube packaging is very required to be of high quality, especially for safety. Although only taking the production of product packaging, but we are very strict on the quality control of the packaging, using best raw materials, do not waste paper as cardboard tube boxes packaging materials, have a very good guarantee for high-quality food packaging . And we have been certified by ISO and other certification systems, the entire process of production are under the supervision of the state, to meet your various requirements for product packaging. Among them, the most of the dried fruit package belongs to the small package type, and the small round cardboard boxes will be separated from the ordinary package to enlarge the brand influence.

Due to the different height and diameter of each cylinder package, according to the actual situation, cardboard or kraft paper go through the machine into a cylindrical shape, the initial shape will have a roll-shaped crease. However, in the latter part of the processing, the creases can be completely eliminated by pasting paper or with other techniques; otherwise the overall integrity is not good and cannot be regarded as qualified custom packaging. Considering different characteristics of different products, packaging design does not show the same content. One of these dried fruit package is mainly in the pastoral style as a cardboard tube packaging design elements, using a CMYK printing process, the perfect concept of the safety of dried fruit passed to consumers. The same type of different series of products, take completely different design styles, but the packaging are focused on reflecting the brand, with each printing packaging with logo.

If you have questions about the custom-made Food grade tube packaging, feel free to contact us by phone or email. In order to confirm your packing samples before confirming the order, we will provide you with free cardboard tube boxes samples, we will follow the samples strictly.

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