Packaging keyword:Multi-options cardboard food tube boxes with lids, motifs or transparent part
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Here presented is a set of cardboard cylinder food tube packaging boxes with lids, in a same series of structure but with different styles and materials. Generally, all of these boxes are made of 250g cardboard with thickness of 0.2mm, and special paper pasted on the exterior surface. But there are multiple choices: you can choose the one with motif decorations, which is a common choice of good-looking stuffs; but the pure yellow one can also be ideal; meanwhile, if you target a fashionable style that allows people to see though the package what is inside, the cardboard tube box with transparent part made of PVC can be a good choice. In all, the aim of package comes from two sides: to ensure a good protection and to give a good appearance as to stimulation customers’ willing of buying. For these two objects, all these food tube boxes have good performance.

As you know, we are professional manufacturer of tube packages. Based on these boxes, any customization can be done to fit your special needs. So feel free to contact us and tell us what you need, then very quickly we will offer you your ideal cardboard food tube boxes.

Multi-options cardboard food tube boxes with lids, motifs or transparent part

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