Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid for dried fruit

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The traditional dried fruit packaging is a vertical bag packaging, which is a flexible packaging. With the development and change of packaging methods, more dried fruits, such as pistachios, are trying to use tube food packaging. Tube boxes have higher firmness and high pressure resistance. We have been committed to the environmental protection of food tube packaging, so the body part of our cylindrical packaging is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. We can even achieve that the hardness of the food tube is the same as that of the aluminum can, with high touch, hardness and pressure resistance. Art paper is pasted on the surface of the paper tube to promote products and brands in the form of art.

Since the dried fruits are in direct contact with the tube packaging and there is no secondary packaging bag, the dryness and safety of the inside of the paper tube are very important. We use food-grade tin foil as the lining paper for round boxes to ensure the dryness inside the food packaging tube. The aluminum cover is used as the cover of the food packaging tube, and 100% guarantees the sealing performance of the packaging. But you don’t need to worry about the unpacking experience of the product, the easy-to-tear aluminum lid makes it very easy to open the package. In addition to the aluminum cover, we also match the plastic cover, which allows the dried fruit to be sealed multiple times in a short time after unsealing. For more requirements and solutions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best help.

Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid for dried fruit.The inside of the customized food packaging tube has tin foil, and the top has an aluminum cover and a plastic cover, which can ensure the sealing effect of the package. Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid for dried fruit food.As the inner lining paper of food tube packaging, aluminum foil paper can effectively improve the sealing and dryness of the packaging. Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid wholesale.The customized paper tube packaging is sealed with an easy-to-tear aluminum lid, and the packaging is very convenient and convenient to open. Tube food packaging with aluminum lid.A special machine is used to encapsulate the aluminum cover of the food tube packaging, which 100% guarantees the airtightness of the food tube packaging. Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid.The customized food tube packaging has an artistic design, and the printed content of the packaging is used to enhance the promotion and attractiveness of the product and the brand. Custom Tube food packaging with easy-open aluminum lid for dried fruit.Food tube packaging has high safety and can fully meet the needs of food safety.


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