“In a context where each brand seeks to animate the blogosphere and dominate social networks, hoe to stand out from the crowd can be a real headache,” says Dr. Smith.

To exploit this vein, brands and distributors must be more “smart” than ever before. Consumers are not only more demanding but also more involved, more cautious in their spending, while being more aware of the options available to them, he notes.

“Now, the packaging in which an item is presented is a key factor for the purchase, whether in-store or online. These trends are as relevant to secondary packaging as they are to other aspects of retail. The secondary packaging makes it possible to stack and hold products in place on shelves, during transport, in home use, etc. It plays a particularly vital role in ensuring the protection of goods and their safe transport from the manufacturer to their final destinations,” says DS Smith.

Like retail, secondary packaging is growing phenomenally, driven by technology and consumer demands – Ease of recycling, easy of opening, linearization, personalization, connection: a large number of factors can influence the purchasing behavior.

Trend 1: More demanding buyers. In search of more natural products, nearly half of the Millennial shop in the side aisles of a supermarket.

Trend 2: Targeted and personalized offers. 76% of consumers will most likely visit a store after receiving a personalized promotional offer on their smartphone.

Trend 3: Live an experience at home. More than half of online shoppers say they would order again if the products are in custom packaging.

Trend 4: Commitment to an ethical and responsible approach. 84% of respondents consider CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to buy a product and decide where to buy.

Trend 5: Less packaging and more recycling – An increasing number of web shoppers are worried about the excessive use of packaging and their second lives.

Trend 6: Age-appropriate packaging. From generation junior to seniors, packaging must meet the expectations of all consumers.

Many teams work hand-in-hand with partner customers to ensure the effectiveness of their packaging, from the emergence of their references in linear to their recycling. Whether it’s enhancing the retail experience, or revolutionizing brand-customer interactions, the leading-edge solutions are a great asset to brands that will succeed in the future.

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