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For products and brands that we are familiar with or have been using, we will find that many products packaging will be updated in a quarter or a period of time. Product packaging updates are mainly due to the following aspects:

1) The function of the product has been updated and needs to be packaged to reflect the latest features;

2) The external style of the product is updated, and the update of the customized packaging can further reflect that the product has been upgraded;

3) Due to seasonal or festive factors, new products and packaging need to be introduced to meet the demand for the festival;

4) The influence of fashion concepts, more consumers like to see fashion product packaging, and link new products with fashion packaging;

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What issues should I pay attention to when updating our product packaging? For mature or new products to enter the market, we urgently need to consider the addition of anti-counterfeiting features, and continue to apply new anti-counterfeiting features to new packaging. Since the products are popular in the market, many counterfeiters will appear, stealing product functions and product packaging. This is a very angry thing, but we can’t completely eliminate such things. Therefore, before the new product goes on the market, or after selling a batch of products, the packaging design is updated and a new anti-counterfeiting mark is added to better protect the brand and consumer rights.

chocolate product packaging updates

When updating product packaging design, it is more important to consider the new features of the product directly. The new features of the product are often used as the main selling point and need to be more directly told to consumers. For example, Bluetooth audio adds a new sound control function, sunglasses add a new color change function, and new ingredients added to the essential oil. Or, when the holiday arrives, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, pumpkin and other holiday symbols will be printed on the surface of the package, which will further mobilize the holiday mood of consumers and encourage consumers to purchase your products at a certain time.


Product packaging updates need to be consistent with the brand’s advertising. The advertisement has already used new packaging or new display content, but the product box packaging has not been updated; or the packaging has been updated, and the advertising content has not changed. This situation will have a negative impact on products and brands, resulting in inconsistent information received by consumers, resulting in a sense of distrust. Therefore, in improving the packaging design, it needs to be considered in the advertising marketing and promotion plan.

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