It can happen to some people to forget their reusable bags at home, ending up at the cash table of a store and having to buy paper bags …

Actually no need for this.

Here are some small ideas to give a second life to your paper bags.

  • Make a cutting and bonding workshop with your children! They will be able to tear the paper bags, cut them out and give free rein to their imagination by sticking and creating all kinds of objects (desk pad, set of table, etc.) which they will then be delighted to offer their parents, grandparents…


  • Or you can use your paper bags to cover books and notebooks: it’s still a very nice little workshop to organize with your children before the start of the school year. But it can also be very useful for your own books: you will not hesitate to take them in transport.


  • Make the most functional paper bags for household use:
  • Sorting garbage: thus a large paper bag is ideal to put all your recyclable waste: paper, cardboard …
  • Protection of surfaces when cooking: a bag to recover the peelings? Not stupid!
  • Protection of storage cabinet interiors
  • Small bathroom / toilet bins: if you put a small paper bag inside your bathroom bin, you do not get dirty!
  • “Waste” bag for dogs and cats


  • And if someone moves around, he will be happy to use all these paper bags to pack dishes, fragile items and padding to get stuck in the boxes. Indeed the paper dampens the shocks and crumpled it is an excellent rigging.


  • Finally, think about creating ecological and original gift packaging! Pieces of paper bags, scissors, ribbon or ribbon and a nice label for the last touch. And here is a unique gift package!

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