Paper tube perfume packaging design, creative packaging structure design can increase product appeal

More than 80% of the designers are well versed in graphic design, and they are well suited to the graphic design of custom packaging. The main purpose of packaging graphic designers is to design unique, creative and novel graphic texts that will attract consumers’ attention in a short period of time. Use the logo and brand name on the surface of the package to quickly promote products and brands, creating a unique competitive advantage in a short period of time. Since most of the packaging structures are ordinary and uncomplicated, many brands ignore the packaging structure design when custom packaging. However, a significant portion of the packaging structure design has an important impact on custom packaging.


Improving the packaging structure design is very important for many packaging. For flip-top cardboard boxes or automatic open-top drawer boxes, it takes a lot of pure hand-made, and it is impossible to use the machine to achieve all automated production. The design of the packaging structure and the steps of the production process will have a serious impact on the cost of packaging manufacturing. With a wealth of work experience and continuous commissioning next to the sample machine, the packaging structure design can save 30% of manufacturing costs. If you customize products packaging more than 10,000 and that more than $5,000, you will find that you can save at least $1,500 in manufacturing costs.

Drawer cardboard boxes packaging structure design, automatic drawing cardboard packaging can increase the fun of the product

Structural packaging design improvements, in addition to reducing packaging manufacturing costs, should also consider the convenience of opening the package and the convenience of using the product. The drawer cardboard boxes are packaged in automatic drawer boxes. As long as the drawer is pulled outwards, half of the package lids will open, which is very interesting and enhances the packaging experience. The snap-on position of the package structure is such that the edge of the flip-type package is embedded with a magnet so that the package cover does not open easily, but the package can be easily opened. The packaging structure can be designed to be more interesting and stylish, and is of great help in promoting the packaging experience.

Custom packaging design, packaging structure design can improve the packaging experience

How to find a competent structural designer? You are looking for a professional packaging design company, but this will undoubtedly increase the cost of your custom packaging. We recommend that you look for manufacturers with design strength. The main reasons are: 1. The packaging manufacturer will fully consider the production problem and make the packaging design conform to the production as much as possible, thus reducing the manufacturing cost. 2, the packaging manufacturer’s design team, through continuous sample debugging, to find the perfect solution. 3, long-term packaging design experience, rich design experience, can provide you with a variety of different options to choose. 4, the designer at the packaging manufacturer, can avoid long-term tripartite coordination, avoid intermediate links, can save a lot of time costs. You can find inspiration for custom packaging structures at Or send us an email directly, we have a professional packaging designer to improve your packaging structure design.


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