creative cardboard tube boxes packaging for Lipstick or essential oil

Every day, new brands appear on the market, and tens of millions of products are sold every day. Although there are many ways to sell products, the most important sales method is to place products on the shelves for consumers to choose. The competition between similar products is very fierce, and there are also fierce competitions among different types of products. If you want to sell more products in a highly competitive environment, you need to maximize the attention of consumers. Creative product packaging can always attract 80% of consumers. Therefore, enterprises need to spend more energy in packaging design, especially in the pursuit of original ecological product packaging, need to invest more energy and money. You can design simple packaging, imitation wood or imitation leather upscale packaging, product as a packaging design element.

Simple design packaging is in line with the conservation of resources, the development trend of environmental protection, and therefore more and more people are welcome. Although the cost of simple packaging is the lowest, the requirements for both creative and branding are very strict. Most of the simple packaging designs mainly reflect the principle of products and display products as much as possible. Such as you look at these two orange packaging, they all show oranges directly, one of which looks like a carrot; the other is a kraft paper material that resembles a hand-held basket. Simple packaging usually uses printed labels to reflect the brand. This operability space is large, more upscale than ordinary handbags, and can better reflect the brand value.

Simple original packaging design,The orange package is designed for the shape of a carrot. The brand name and additional information is reflected on the custom label.

The creative packaging of 3D printing + transparent windows is also a very good choice. Making the transparent window into the shape of the product or mimicking the use scenario (effect) of the product will increase the value of packaging in interactive marketing. For example, the use of LED-shaped transparent windows, the use of green plastic packaging inside, can set off the green LED lights effect. The chewing gum is made into the shape of a tooth and stuffed into the “lips”, imitating the user’s use effect of the product. In particular, the chewing gum packaging design played a very good role in the promotion of the brand, the user automatically spreads, and the sales volume tripled in a month.

creative packaging design with windows,Energy-saving LED packaging design concept, chewing gum packaging is based on product use effect as a design starting point, have achieved very good publicity

The product form is completely used as a package form, mainly reflecting the concept of the original ecological product. This kind of packaging design is more common in beverage packaging, especially in banana juice, strawberry juice and kiwi juice. Using 3D printing, the packaging was simulated into various fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and kiwifruit. Inserting the straw into the juice is similar in visual sense – inserting the straw into the fresh fruit has a great appeal to the consumer. This type of product packaging, also has a printing pattern, is very simple, only the brand name and production date, does not affect the overall packaging design, but for the promotion of brand value has a very good help.

Creative packaging using products as design elements,Designing food packaging for bananas, strawberries, kiwis, etc. Everyone who sees these creative food packages will not forget and will spread themselves.

Many high-end packaging will be in the form of wooden boxes or leather packaging, but this will cause excessive production costs; or the weight of the package is too heavy to carry. The ordinary cardboard packaging in 3D printing can simulate all the external visual senses of high-end packaging, and it also has the advantages of carton packaging. Especially for paper tube packaging, it can reflect its high quality. As you can see from the two packages, the Imitation wood boxes packaging is only 10% of the wooden box with the same specifications, but it is more eye-catching than the wooden box because its design can be used to imitate any wood grain. Black leather packaging, using imitation leather paper, has the touch of leather paper, but its customization cost is less than 15% of leather packaging.

wholesale Special paper tube packaging boxes,Imitation leather paper tube packaging with stamping logo, imitation wood paper packaging using 3D printing technology to imitate various wooden boxes, have played a role in enhancing product value

At, you can customize more than just a variety of styles of paper tube packaging, but also to provide you with a variety of handmade boxes. Thanks to its rich production experience, professional packaging knowledge, and excellent packaging design team, we provide packaging for food, essential oils, cosmetics, and gifts.

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